ASU Digital Prep at Sierra Vista

Enrollment Process

  1. Complete Online Application

  2. Schedule Interview with Personal Learning Advisor

  3. Complete SVUSD Registration

  4. Program Acceptance

Welcome to ASU Digital Prep at Sierra Vista!

We are thrilled to introduce ASU Digital Prep in partnership with Sierra Vista Unified School District, offering a unique and flexible hybrid learning option for students in grades 7-12. Starting this school year, students will have the opportunity to choose between traditional in-person education or our innovative hybrid model.

The hybrid learning model allows students to take courses fully online while attending in person sessions two days a week for hands-on activities such as project-based learning, lab experiments, and additional instructional support. This model is perfect for mobile families, military families, and those with unique lifestyles needing a flexible education without sacrificing the benefits of a traditional school experience.

Hybrid students will remain SVUSD students, with access to all extracurricular activities, clubs, sports, and events like prom and graduation. Student will even be able to attend select classes at Buena or JCMS like Band, Fine Arts, or CTE classes*. Additionally, students can enroll in up to two Universal Learner Courses annually, earning college credit with no financial or GPA risks.

ASU Prep Global, an extension of ASU Preparatory Academy, is nationally accredited and offers personalized online education with professionally certified teachers. Our engaging curriculum combines online and hands-on activities, ensuring a robust learning experience tailored to each student.

“Our aim with this partnership is to provide innovative new learning options for students and families who are seeking more flexibility during the school year,” said Dr. Eric Holmes, Superintendent of Sierra Vista Unified School District.

Join us at ASU Digital Prep, where you can enjoy a world-class education with the flexibility you need and the support you deserve. Welcome to a new era of learning!

*In- person classes that happen on campus will be schedule during regular school hours and periods.


ASU Digital Prep also offers specialized Pathways to help students focus their learning on their post-high school aspirations. These Pathways include Technology, Education, Sustainability, and Journalism. By selecting a Pathway, students can tailor their coursework to align with their career interests, gaining valuable skills and knowledge that will prepare them for college and beyond. This focused approach ensures that students not only meet their educational goals but also develop a clear vision for their future endeavors.

ASU Digital Prep classes will follow the SVUSD school calendar, ensuring that students stay on track with their peers. Students are required to adhere to all Governing Board Policies, including those on bullying, harassment, cheating, and testing, maintaining a safe and fair learning environment. To uphold academic integrity, all final exams will be proctored in-person at the new ASU Online Lab located in the Rothery Education Center. This combination of online flexibility and structured oversight ensures a comprehensive and accountable educational experience.