Pickup Information

An Important Reminder about Parent Pickup and Drop-Off

I would like to remind all drivers to do the following for parent pick up and drop-off: 

Parking is not allowed along the chain link fence which runs along the parking lot.   

Dropping off in the car lane: When you are running late, please pull down to the end of the drop-off lane (middle lane) so that your student can walk up the sidewalk. When people stop at the top of the drop-off lane, we have a safety issue as cars are backed up into the middle of St. Andrews Drive.

Please do not pull down the parking lot and drop off students. We ask everyone to drive through the drop-off lane.

Please do not use the bus lane to drop off or pick up your child (lane closest to the building).

Picking up your child after school: please use the parking lot across the street and wait on the opposite side. Your child and other children will be guided across the crosswalk to you. Be aware of the No Parking signs as SVPD frequently patrols the area and helps with dismissal from time to time. 

Thank you for your attention to our system; it works really well if everyone follows the same rules. 

Principal Rose Martinez

Severe Weather

If there is inclement weather (lightning/monsoon) Huachuca Mountain will dismiss walkers and bike riders after the storm has passed. Weatherbug is the app used to determine the severity of lightning.  

By 1:45 p.m. a message via Information Management will go out to parents regarding a delayed dismissal. 

An inclement weather protocol will be set in place before the start of school and will be available online and sent home with your child.