Budgets and Financial Reports

Expenditure Budgets

The Sierra Vista Unified School District submits its expenditure budget to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) annually in July. Revisions of the District budget normally occur at least once during the school year based on the District's average daily membership (ADM) as reported to ADE. ADM refers to the District's total enrolled students over a specific number of days.

Note: These budgets are .xls files; you need to have Microsoft Excel to open them.

To download previous years, please visit ADE. Thank you.

Annual Financial Reports

Once the year is complete, the District prepares an Annual Financial Report (AFR) that reflects the revenues and expenditures that occurred during the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). The format and submission deadlines for these files are governed by Arizona Revised Statutes.

The AFR is audited by the District's auditing firm, Dobridge & Co., P.C., which then prepares the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). In addition to financial data, the CAFR contains financial analysis of District funds, a narrative with a description of the funds, District financial awards, and demographic data. 

The AFR is also submitted to ADE, where it is compiled with other information to create the Superintendent's Annual Financial Report (SAFR). 

Auditor General Reports

The AFR is also submitted to the Auditor General's Office which compiles information from all of the Arizona Districts. The Auditor General's Office uses the information from the School Districts to create the Classroom Spending Report. This report, issued in March for the previous fiscal year, compares the spending patterns and achievement of each District by grouping Districts into peer groups.