Information Technology Department

The mission of the IT Department is to deliver powerful and effective technology resources to increase the educational performance of every student. The most important deliverable item is the service and support to the students, educators, and administrative personnel of the District. 

The SVUSD Information Technology Department supports and maintains all district, servers, computers, applications, networks,  and VOIP service. Technology resources are becoming a significant new strength for the District.  

Three central ideas are considered the core of the IT Department’s mission. Foremost is the doctrine that the Information Technology Department must service and support the process of educating students as well as the productivity and business of the District.  It is expected that all Department job functions will be involved in delivering this service and support.

Second is the deliberate organization of the IT department to operate under a model of centralized policy, service and application presentation. While accommodating the distinct service and content requirements of individual schools, all IT policy and service is to be centrally developed and implemented. This delivers more efficient and effective resource management and assures that each school receives appropriate service attention.

The third central component is the renewed commitment to periodic review and revision of the 5 Year Technology Plan. The IT world changes too quickly to allow much time to pass without regular examination of this Plan and the level of success of its application.