Our Vision

Achieving Excellence Together

Our Mission

The Sierra Vista Unified School District strives to increase the educational performance of every student. We accomplish this through high-quality teaching and learning in safe, supportive, school environments. We believe education is the shared responsibility of students, parents, schools, and community.

Our Collective Commitments

Collective Commitments

Our History

In 1915, a one-room schoolhouse opened its doors as the Buena school in order to serve the growing population of settlers around the gates of Fort Huachuca. K-8 students were instructed for 40 years in an adobe brick building located approximately where the Chili’s restaurant in Sierra Vista stands today.

Shortly after the incorporation of the City of Sierra Vista, Arizona, the residents felt that their city needed its own high school and school district. Carmichael School was built in Sierra Vista in 1956 serving grades K-12, and the Sierra Vista Unified School District was born.

Original Buena

Original Carmichael

While we maintain our strong heritage, we have come a long way since our days teaching behind adobe walls. Today our school district has six elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. We have nearly 6,000 students and all of our schools are rated as either Highly Performing or Performing Plus by the Arizona Learns system. Both our graduation rate and state test scores are higher than the state average and those schools within the same peer group.

Our teachers are dedicated to education and have more years of experience than the Arizona state and peer group average. Additionally, 109 of our teachers hold either a master's or doctorate degree. All are highly certified ambassadors of education.

SVUSD 1:1 Technology Program

SVUSD 1:1 is an initiative to bring 21st century tools into the hands of our students. The purpose of the 1:1 implementation is to ensure 100 percent of SVUSD schools will be properly equipped for our students to have a technology-enriched learning environment. 

All SVUSD teachers will have the proper training and resources to effectively integrate appropriate technology (hardware/software/internet) into their lessons in order for our young people to acquire the skills they need to be effective 21st century citizens and workers. 

Our high school graduates will exhibit a range of functional and critical thinking skills related to information, media, and technology. They will use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate, and communicate information. They will use digital technologies, communication/networking tools, and social networks appropriately to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information to successfully function in a knowledge economy.

The 1:1 technology implementation is an excellent opportunity for our students to gain key skills that will help them be successful in high school, college, and careers. As part of our instructional program, your child will be participating in a number of online platforms and resources designed to help develop collaboration and communication skills, provide for creativity, and explore producing content for a larger audience. Students will be creating content (written, visual and verbal) and then sharing these creations using a variety of web-based tools such as wikis, blogs, and/or social learning networks.

  • Wikis are collaborative online webpages where members can add and edit content. Wikis can be private or public.

  • Blogs are web pages that can be created and easily updated using a web browser. Teachers and students can post topics or questions and others can respond to these posts. Blogs can be private or public.

  • Google G Suites is a brand of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products, managed by district administrators where only members of the domain can view and participate in discussions, sharing of content, and assignments. G Suites creates a safe and secure learning management platform for students to develop and create digitally.

This implementation would not be possible without the continued encouragement from our parents and community; therefore, on behalf of the District, thank you for all you do to support education.