K-5 Social Studies Curriculum Review

A committee of dedicated teachers and principals have been spending the last few months researching and reviewing new social studies curriculums for SVUSD to purchase for our students.  During the Governing Board meeting on September 5th, the committee proposed their choice for the K-5  social studies curriculum and the Board approved the selection to go into a 60 day public review period. The proposed K-5 Social Studies Curriculum is IMPACT Social Studies by  McGraw-Hill. The proposed curriculum is available for public viewing and comments until Thursday, November 9th. To view the curriculum stop by the Curriculum Office in the Rothery Education Center Room 403, Monday thru Friday from 8am-4pm.  There will also be 2 evening opportunities to view the curriculum, Tuesday, September 19th and Tuesday, October 3rd.  Both of those days we will be open until 5:30pm. Scheduled appointments are not necessary but are encouraged and can be made by calling 520-515-2742. 

We thank the committee and our Governing Board for all of their hard work and for the opportunity to present this much needed new social studies curriculum to our parents and community.  After the 60 day review period, all comments that are received will be given to the Governing Board for review.  The proposed curriculum will then be presented at another Governing Board meeting, at which time a vote will occur to approve the purchase.

If you have any questions please contact our Curriculum Office at 520-515-2742.