Federal Impact Aid Survey

Did you know Sierra Vista Unified School District is home to many families that are connected to the federal government?

This is important because the school district has the potential to receive federal funding for the purchase of textbooks, materials, hire personnel and other education-related expenditures based on the number of federally-connected students enrolled in our schools.

That’s why the district is asking our families to complete the Federal Impact Survey this year. The survey helps determine whether a student is federally-connected.

Federally-connected does not just mean military families. It includes:

  • Active Duty Members of the Uniformed Services who work/live on Federal Property

  • Active Full-Time Members of a foreign military who works/lives on Federal Property

  • Civilians or Contractors who work on Federal Property

  • Parent/Guardian who lives in Federally Supported Housing

SVUSD collects information from our families using the Federal Impact Aid form.  We then tally up the results and only submit the tallies to the federal government.  All student and parent information is kept confidential and is only needed in the event of an audit.  We do not share any information on the form, only the number of students that qualify.

The 2022 Federal Impact Aid survey period is open now through December 5th, 2022 , and it’s completely online in your ParentVue account. If you need assistance with completing the form please contact the Welcome Center at 520-515-2761.

We must receive information from every student. Thank you for your cooperation! 

What is Impact Aid?

Every year Sierra Vista Unified School District must apply for Federal Impact Aid funds from the U.S. Department of Education. These funds compensate SVUSD for the loss of local tax dollars from the tax-exempt federal property in the Sierra Vista area.  

SVUSD must conduct a federal residence and employment survey on a yearly basis to obtain a current count of families in the district who live on/or work on federal property. The results of our Impact Aid survey help support our request for these federal funds. This survey is critical to our district’s resources for students. The results of our Impact Aid survey help support our request for these federal funds. 

How do I complete the online form?

Accessing the survey is done by using your ParentVue account. We have created a video to help guide you through this process. Click here to access: How to Video

What information is reported to the federal government?

The school district only reports the number of students living with families who live on and/or work on federal property. We do not report information about individual students in the Federal Impact Aid application.